Gabriele on the town festival

My name is Gabriele, I'm 18740 days old and I live in Mestre, a nice small city near Venice. A personality test calls me an INFJ.

I try to always help people who talks to me or ask for my help. I help in my parish, I help NGO who try to save migrants. In a word: I care for people.

I love to program for fun or to help friends. I started with BASIC on C64, now I know some C, E, PHP, TCL/TK, regex, SQL, Python, JavaScript. I also love to write articles and stories.

I enjoy music, live concerts, television (mostly SciFi), videogames...

In the DEV section of this site you can find some free software made by me, while the TXT section offers my articles, stories and so on. Most of them are in italian, but there is something in english as well.

Site created by Gabriele Favrin and updated... sometimes ;)