I've been an happy Amiga user for many years. Now that I've moved to other systems I decided to donate to the Amiga community the software I've developed for fun or personal need. So all programs in these pages are now available as free software.



These scripts extends functionality of the open source browser AWeb.

Previously on this site I've also offered AWedit, AWebFftp and Cooky. They were scripts developed to offer some of the AWeb 3.x features to AWeb 2.1 users who didn't upgrade to the commercial version in 1997. As AWeb 3.x has been released under an open source licence since 2002, I finally decided to remove these programs, as now there is no use for them.

My other AWeb scripts (AutoSearch, AWebDL, AWebModes and the AWeb Search Page) have been donated to the now closed AWeb open source development project. These scripts have been included in the AWeb package and are released under APL, the same licence applied to the browser. If you need to modify and/or spread them, check APL licence and contact the project coordinators.


This script extends features of the IRC client AmIRC.

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